How many tears must we cry and how many must die or be debilitated before they listen.

I am not an expert however I attend every CDC/ACIP meeting on immunizations and testify as a parent and children’s advocate at many.

I am the mother of an only child, I watched go from perfect health to blood coming from every orifice of his body and die a horrible death. Vaccine could have prevented it.

Because of it, I will never see him graduate college, be the parent at his wedding, or hold a grand child. Bob and I sadly understand true empty nest. We live many days in a lonely and grieving existence.

Those of us who have seen our children die from meningitis, pertussis, the flu, measles, mumps , chicken pox and other vaccine preventable disease can prove what happened to our kids.

Many parents watch their children suffer everyday, from the loss of limbs and their faces, 30-40 seizures a day, blindness, loss of hearing, mental disorders and severe brain damage caused by disease, kidney failure, severe anemia and more. These children and young adults often can’t use the bathroom on their own, can’t feed themselves and have to have 24 hour a day care for the rest of their life. Their lives are filled with endless hospital visits, surgeries, pain, suffering, tons of medications to keep their bodies fuctioning, public reticule and more. They are oftened bullied. This is not to mention the social, emotional and economic damage to the family as a whole. All vaccine preventable.

Over the last 15 years, by witness, I can tell you that every effort is made by the FDA, CDC/ACIP to make sure that vaccines are safe before they are recommended/used. These decisions come after somtimes several years of FDA review and many times years of use in other countries.

Then CDC/ACIP decisions on vaccine recommendations take sometimes years to make. We all should be more concerned about the lives at risk from deadly vaccine preventable diseases because it does take so long.

Are vaccines perfect, no, nothing is, but the good they do, the lives saved and that continue to be saved from them are immeasurable.

Years and years of research and development go into the creation of a vaccine. They are among the safest, lowest and most cost effective of all pharmaceuticals on the market. They create and protect good public health.

The proof of the link between autism and vaccines is not there. However CDC and the medical world have on going research on this very important issue and to find the cause and prevention. Yes, and much of this research is sponsored by the government and pharmaceutical industry.

Do I agree with everything the CDC/ACIP does? No, but at the end of the day we have to remember they are some of the top experts in the world and they have children and grand children of their own which they vaccinate. These dedicated men and women work hard to make sure they make the best recommendations possible.

One simply has to walk around an old cemetery to see the value of vaccines.
If we continue to doubt that value we put all of our children in fact all of us at risk for deadly disease like never before. We risk outbreaks and even epidemics of diseases we thought were eradicated. Just look around the world.

AS for meningococcal meningitis prevention, we should make sure all teens are vaccinated at middle school entry and high school exit. It is not just a college disease. If only! My precious son, Ryan would still be here.

Here are some great expert resources:

CDC – Concerns About Autism – Vaccine Safety

Other resources on Vaccine safety and ingredients>

Click to access Vaccineingredients.pdf

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