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A Gift for Baby Shawn “Preventing Pertussis”

┬áIt had been almost 12 years since Ryan’s vaccine preventable meningitis had taken his life.
ShawnA loss that still hovered our family like a terrible nightmare which we would never wake from.

Then the announcement came brining extreme joy and excitement to our family. The first baby in 12 years was to be born into our family.

Mom was given the Tdap during pregnancy.

I thought about a sweet family in Texas, whose baby, in and emergency was delivered, by dad, at home. Grand pa had been ill for a few weeks with what was thought to be a cold then dad began to show the same symptoms with a bad cough.

This beautiful healthy baby girl was born and one month later she died from pertussis. If only the vaccine had been recommended or required as it is in some states now.

Those of us throwing the baby shower for baby Shawn, decided to ask everyone who was attending the shower, who plan to visit or hold the baby be vaccinated with Tdap and bring proof to the shower.

Thus a gift for Baby Shawn.

Vaccines are the gift of life and love for our infants, children and teens. Remeber adults and the elderly need vaccines too.

Pertussis is a deadly vaccine preventable disease. Thousands of infants have died in recent years form this deadly vaccine preventable disease.

We at Meningitis Angels challenge all of those who are celebrating the birth of a new baby be vaccinated.

Frankie Milley